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Aqualogía is Hidraqua educational program for primary schoolchildren.

From the very characters Aqualogía you can dive deeper into the knowledge of the water in your city through digital and interactive educational resources.

Aqualogía presents water from a perspective consistent with the current and future challenges and opportunities of our world smarter, healthier and sustainable. Through games and interactive on-line, you can work on what kind of water we use at school, like our homes or what treatments we do to drink it or to return it to the wild water arrives.

The educational objectives of Aqualogía

  • Raise awareness among school children about the importance of water and the environment.
  • Bringing school knowledge of the natural and urban water cycles.
  • Increasing the participation and interaction of students through the use of new technologies.
  • Make available to teachers a teaching tool adapted to the curriculum of every educational stage.

Enjoying Aqualogía?

Request information in aqualogia@hidraqua.es