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Cancelling the water supply

To cancel your water supply account at HIDRAQUA, we need you to provide the following information:

  • Photocopy of the account holder’s national ID card.
  • Water meter reading in order to settle the account.
  • In order to return your deposit, you need to bring us the original copy signed on the back by the person in whose name the agreement was made, and also the receipt for the last bill paid if it was settled by direct debit.
  • The cancellation form must be signed either by the policyholder his/herself, or else the latter should sign an authorisation form to allow the cancellation form to be signed by another person on their behalf.
  • In the event of the death of the policyholder, a death certificate must be provided, as well as the signature of one of the deceased's inheritors.

By completion of work

  • Photocopy of the account holder’s national ID/tax ID/foreign resident ID number, and the original documents.
  • In the event of the account holder being a legal entity, the person applying in his/her name for the formalisation of the supply contract should be the official legal representative with powers of attorney.
  • If the owner is not the contract holder, the person authorised in their name should provide a signed authorisation and photocopy of both of their ID cards/passports.
  • Municipal council completion of works certificate.
  • Casing of the battery installed (with its number), signed and stamped by the installer. Current water meter reading in order to settle the account.

If you have any questions about how to cancel your water supply, do not hesitate to contact us. At HIDRAQUA we are constantly trying to improve our service.

In order to measure your consumption, HIDRAQUA can install a water meter on your business premises. This is owned by the operating company, which is obliged by law to maintain it and replace it on its renewal date.
The individual meter records the amount of water consumed by each industry and provides us with important data, which allow us to regulate water consumption and also help save water there by reducing your water bill.

The Wastewater Treatment and Sewerage Fees are used by HIDRAQUA solely to manage the treatment of wastewater and to maintain the sewerage network. The latter must be in good condition in order to allow wastewater to be transported from the point of consumption to the various discharge points in general collector sewers and wastewater treatment plants. This is calculated using the same procedure as water consumption.

The Wastewater Treatment Fee covers the cost of treating wastewater. It is a one-off charge.

Occasionally, the bill may also include other taxes such as drought charges or a water charge for ecological purposes, which are levied to cover extraordinary expenses derived from exceptional circumstances.
Services not managed by HIDRAQUA and unrelated to the water cycle may also appear, such as refuse collection charges or other types of tax.

Further information

In addition to the exhaustive information provided on water services, the bill from HIDRAQUA also contains personalised messages such as the daily water consumption and the evolution in the consumption over the last 18 months. It also contains the meter reading, excess consumption, environmental advice or banners with news from HIDRAQUA of interest to its customers.